Burnt River Browns Backers is based in Mentor, OH and has 901 active members, making us the largest BBW club in the world. The club was founded in 2008 and has received Club of the Month accolades in 2009 and 2010. Burnt River is a unique name for a club and certainly has an interesting history. In 1969, molten sparks from a rail car set fire to oil and chemical soaked debris in the Cuyahoga River. The event sparked national attention and Cleveland became known as the City with the River that Burned. Despite the initial damage to the river, today it is thriving with over 40 species of fish and boat traffic is abundant. The name Burnt River was adopted by this Ohio club to signify the location in Cleveland, home of the Browns, and to emphasize their pride and commitment to the team and city. During the season, Burnt River hosts viewing parties at The Hooley House in Mentor. The club always has a presence attending and tailgating for all of the home games. We tailgate at the Port Authority Lot and invite all Browns fans to join us in the tailgating festivities. In the off season, members of Burnt River Browns Backers supported the Draft Day party at the stadium, as well as hosting draft parties at our viewing location.